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Project: No fry left behind
Client: Marlena Peleo-Lazar, vice-president, chief creative officer,
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: DDB Chicago
Writer: Kevin Goff
Art director: Gordon West
Media agency: OMD
Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Post-production: Prime Focus
Audio Post-production: Wave Studios
Exposure: TV


The French fry is the focus of this latest work for McDonald's as a horde of miniature people living in the depths of a car enjoy a shortlived hope of gaining sustenance from a fallen chip.

The ad shows two guys driving along with the passenger snacking on McDonald's fries. One falls into a gap between the two seats and we are transported into the world below, where a population of tiny people toil and slave in the murky, dust-ridden environment.

Their exclamations and relief at having been given this fry quickly turn to shocked gasps and outrage as a hand plucks the food out and returns it to the passenger in the car.

He then says: "There's no-one who wants this more than me."

Project: Heirloom
Client: Steven Sabo, vice-president, Caribbean and Central America,
Brief: Create a new spot under the campaign "The ridiculously
long-lasting gum". Push the humour to the extreme
Creative agency: JWT Puerto Rico
Writer: Lizette Morazzani
Art director: Andres Justo
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Kay Martinez
Production company: Hocus Pocus
Director: Luis Gerard
Post-production: Hocus Pocus
Audio Post-production: Glenn Monroig, Mezzalunna Studios
Exposure: TV


A touching moment between father and son takes a satirical turn in this latest work by JWT Puerto Rico for the chewing-gum brand Stride.

A father enters the room of his son, who is preparing to leave home. He begins telling the boy how he wants to give him something that has been passed down from generation to generation in his family.

The heirloom in question turns out to be a piece of chewing-gum, which the father removes from his mouth and gives to his son, who then chews the token with great appreciation.

The spot ends with the strapline: "The ridiculously long-lasting gum."

Project: Reincarnation
Client: CharitySA
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town
Writer: Claudette Browne
Art director: Annie Klintworth
Media agency: n/s
Exposure: Print, outdoor


Lowe Bull Cape Town has created a stomach-churning print campaign threatening people with reincarnation as unsightly bugs if they don't "do something good in this life".

The ads each feature parasitic insects such as maggots, flies and tics. Alongside the creatures are labels describing what the person did in their former life.

The maggot's label reads: "In her previous life Sandra worked for the paparazzi. Look's like she's in on the filthy scoop now."

The executions urge consumers to "do something good" by visiting the website, which represents all of South Africa's charities in one place.

Project: Hyena, giraffe
Client: Hugues Pietrini, marketing director, Orangina
Brief: Relaunch Orangina Light on a different target of the more mature
Creative agency: Fred & Farid Paris
Writer: Fred & Farid Paris
Art directors: Alphee Ballester, Thomas Raillard
Media agencies: KR Media, Fred & Faris Paris
Media planner: Pascal Crifo
Production company: Big Production
Director: Terri Timely
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: TV


In a follow-up to its sexy animal ad for Orangina Naturally Juicy, Fred & Farid Paris has created two new spots for Orangina Light featuring some of its anthropomorphised characters in human environments.

In the first spot, the giraffe character, clad in hot pants, is shown rollerblading along the beach with two girlfriends.

She quickly alters her course, however, when an attractive guy walks past, chasing him down and eventually bringing him back over her shoulder.

The second spot sees the hyena character outside a cafe laughing hysterically with her girlfriends as a female passer-by loses her heel and trips.

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