AA 'you've got a friend' by Delaney Lund Knox Warren

Tony Kaye has returned to the UK making his commercial directorial debut for Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners with its new ad for the AA. Kaye resurfaces in the UK with the 60-second spot based around Carole King's song "You've got a friend". The ad evolves the "AA as a friend" positioning that DLKW developed in its first campaign for the brand in 2005. It opens on a crying baby in a car, and cuts to an AA patrolman who breaks into the song. During the ad he is joined by more and more patrols until there is a choir singing the song in various locations, tending to various roadside emergencies. The ad, which will also air in cinemas, closes with a sleeping baby and the original patrolman ending the song. It uses the line: "You've got AA friend."