AIS lands Dyson direct account

LONDON - Dyson has appointed Archibald Ingall Stretton to its direct marketing account.

AIS lands Dyson direct account

AIS is understood to have pitched against Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel and other undisclosed shops for the business.

AIS will be responsible for all of the company’s customer relationship marketing.

Adam Roston, the head of UK marketing for Dyson has been overseeing the review, which was handled through the AAR.

Dyson's profits are already soaring profits, on the back of huge popularity in the US. The cleaning giant recorded a rise from £39.6 million in December 2005 to £78.2 million in 2006 and currently commands a 20 per cent share of the US vacuums market.

Both AIS and Dyson were unavailable to comment on the win.