Alamo Rent A Car 'something in the kiosk' by Fallon Minneapolis

Alamo Rent A Car is launching a new TV ad campaign to promote its new, convenient airport self-service check-in kiosks, a rental car industry first. The campaign, "Happy Trails with Al and Mo" kicks off with two spots: "something inside the kiosk" and "no line". The campaign emphasizes how Alamo has created a hassle-free, time-saving environment for the leisure traveller, especially for families. The ads revolve around the antics of two travelling companions -- a beaver called "Al," and a buffalo called "Mo." Al, the bolder of the two, teaches his timid friend Mo how to fight his "inner-herd instinct". In the ads, Al shows Mo the benefits of using Alamo's self-service car rental kiosk instead of waiting in line at the standard check-in counter.