The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: comparethemarket.com

Planned by: George Everett
Agency: VCCP Blue
Brand: Comparethemarket.com
Campaign: Comparethemeerkat.com


Late to a crowded market, outspent, with no point of difference, a cumbersome brand name no-one could remember and a high cost per visit in a sector that seemingly favours generating short-term acquisition by spending big and shouting loud over any emotional engagement or brand loyalty.

To say that everything was against comparethe- market.com would be an understatement. However, as planning rightly recognised, within all those disadvantages lay the opportunity. Being late to market created the opportunity to find a space everyone else was ignoring; being outspent created the opportunity to be smarter; a cumbersome brand name no-one could remember created the opportunity to have fun with self-same name; a high cost per visit created the opportunity to make a real difference to a brand's spend and profitability, and a rational sector created the opportunity to return to good old-fashioned emotional engagement. This paper is a great example of how rigorous planning, smart commercial thinking, a positive mindset and a great idea can transform a brand's fortunes overnight.