Argos 'space man' by CHI & Partners

CHI & Partners' latest ad for Argos features aliens, the voice of David Tennant and a skyscraper of more than 18,000 products sold by the high-street retailer.

The animated spot opens with a voiceover by Tennant informing viewers, "This is a story about the amazing choice of Argos products."

As Tennant speaks, objects including a flat-screen TV fall from the sky. He continues, "And how there's so many, they go on and on and on." The objects pile up one on top of the other until the skyscraper reaches space, where it is joined by a flying saucer and three aliens.

The aliens have fun with a hairdryer they find at the top of the skyscraper and Tennant says: "All our 18,000 great value products are in one easy to view place." It ends with the strapline: "Don't shop for it, Argos it."

The TV ad is supported by radio, press and online activity and an in-store promotion which challenges customers to guess how many products are in the skyscraper to win the chance to spend £18,000 at Argos.