ASA clamps down on Boots beauty ad

The Advertising Standards Authority is tightening its crackdown on claims made by the health and beauty sector.

This week, it has banned an ad for a Boots anti-cellulite cream that claimed to make women slimmer in two weeks.

The press ad, created by Mother for Boots' No 7 anti-cellulite balm, featured a slim woman casting a long shadow and ran with the lines "Super slim No 7" and "Anti-cellulite balm - a sleeker silhouette in two weeks".

The ban followed an ASA ruling that stated that Boots' independent study, in which 78 per cent of users reported a "sleeker silhouette" after using the product for two weeks, was not strong evidence. It said the ad was in breach of codes on substantiation, truthfulness and health and beauty products. It ordered the retailer not to make future claims based solely on consumer perceptions.

The ruling underlines the ASA's hardline stance on claims made by cosmetics manufacturers. Last month, it rapped L'Oreal for its ads for its Perfect Slim and Wrinkle De-Crease products. The ASA has also criticised ads from Chanel, Procter & Gamble and Dior in recent months.