Audi 'rhythm of lines' by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

BBH was tasked to drive the sophisticated brand image by enforcing the Vorsprung durch Technik ethos, as well as highlighting the elegance of the car. Audi also wanted the agency to capitalise and increase the emotional response this car invokes in consumers and to celebrate the special shape of the A5, presenting the single-minded communication of this in TV, press, outdoor and online. The designers of the A5 describe it in terms of music. Previous, more geometric Audis (like the TT), had simple design lines. The A5 has more complex, but harmonious movement with more interaction between its lines.

The TV ad broke across the UK as a 60-second ad on May 13, and a 40 second ad on May 21. In addition to Press breaks in June in National Press, Motoring Press and other consumer publications.