Augmented reality: top ten campaigns (so far)

LONDON - No longer the stuff of science fiction, augmented reality is fast catching on with forward-thinking brands. Zed Media's Alex Smith lists the best examples to date of AR as part of wider brand-building activity.

Augemented reality: the top ten
Augemented reality: the top ten

10. Night at the Museum
This example uses AR to bring the characters of the movie to life, in such a way that grows the experience away from just a pre-release  trailer, especially for a young audience who can still get away with buying into the whole magic of the film.

9. Doritos
The Doritos Sweet Chilli campaign uses the packaging itself to engage the consumer, driving them to a website where they can release their own Tamagochi-style creature, and then interact with other users.

8. Eminem - Relapse
The reason I like this example is that although it may not be the most complex of the ten I have chosen, it uses a competition to drive users to engage with AR, which in most cases is normally the best way to get people to actually give it a go in the first place.

7. Lego
This is a very simple use, but I love it, using AR to offer point of sale interaction with the consumer is brilliant. Plus it's Lego, and who doesn't like Lego?

6. Mini & IQ
These are two very similar ideas, which allow consumers to simply hold the car in their hands and look at it in every angle. The reason I have selected both is that I really like the way that the Mini example used an outside back cover of a magazine to promote the AR functionality. The IQ example on the other hand demonstrates how with a bit of tweaking you can make the outside of a car a bit more engaging.

5. Nissan - Cube
There are a few examples of automotive brands using AR in this list, but this is the only campaign I've seen that uses the technology to show the exterior and interior of the car, within an interactive brochure. Consumers can select colours, packages etc to tailor a 3D model of the car they're interested in.

4. Fanta
This is an AR game in which two consumers connect their phones via Bluetooth before playing a game of tennis using an actual 'court'. To play, users download a free app, run it, and serve away using the phone's camera to look at the court and hit the ball as it comes their way.

3. Pokemon - Trading Cards
This gives users the opportunity to use Pokemon trading cards to battle each other in a very simple way. It looks amazing and could easily be used to engage consumers online to further enhance their experience.

2. Oasis

Oasis is the latest brand to integrate AR technology, with its ‘RubberDuckZilla' campaign offering users four AR games, although only two are currently available. The remaining two are to be tied with media partners, giving them the widest possible reach.

1. BMW Z4
This is probably one of the sleekest uses of AR I have seen, fitting in perfectly with the above-the-line campaign. Users can turn their desk (or in fact anywhere) into a canvas for the BMW Z4 to drive around controlled by the user's keyboard.

This article was originally published on Alex Smith's blog, Funkadelic Advertising.