B&Q 'DIY horror' by Dare

B&Q has launched an online campaign, by Dare, which spoofs cult horror movies to demonstrate that B&Q takes the fear out of DIY.

The online films parody classic scenes from horror movies, The Shining, Psycho and Poltergeist.  In the Poltergeist parody a little blonde girl is watching a TV with a scrambled reception. When her mother fixes it and cartoon characters reappear on screen she announces ‘They’re back’. The films use the strapline ‘DIY doesn’t have to be scary’.

They launch this week across YouTube and the retailer’s website. They were created by Dan Harrison, Jonny Watson Erik Weidenhielm and John Gibson. They were directed by Ben Whitehouse through Agile Films. T

The films aim to promote B&Q’s in-store demos. They are also supported by an online marketing campaign, also created by Dare.