Baby Channel sets launch date

New digital TV channel The Baby Channel will start broadcasting in the UK on Monday 10 October.

The Baby Channel, aimed at parents of 0 to 4 year olds, as well as expectant parents, will air everyday between 6am and 8pm, with an additional webcast on

Digital Media Sales will act as advertising sales rep for the channel, which will be marketed primarily in parenting magazines via the internet and direct marketing.

An advertising campaign starts on 1 October.

Leon Hawthorne, founder of the Baby Channel Limited and with a 21% stake in the company, has brought on board strategic partners for the launch.

Simple Media TV Limited takes a 50% stake in the Baby Channel with its company chairman and chief executive appointed to Baby Channel board positions.

SMTV already owns four teleshopping channels, including Simply Shopping and Superstore TV, and will sell baby-related merchandise via teleshopping, e-commerce and the interactive red button.

Producer of Channel Four’s Faking It and Wife Swap, RDF Media Group and three of its executives, collectively take 21% of the Baby Channel shares.

The remaining 7.7% shares go to Sass Jahani, private investor and managing director of transmission company Advanced Broadcasting Services Limited.

He is also providing the playout, scheduling and transmission services for the channel.

Leon Hawthorne said: “This channel has been my baby for the past few years and I’m looking forward to giving birth to something that will touch the hearts of millions of young families at a vital time in their lives.”

“We are working are working with leading medical and parenting organisations to ensure our programmes are trustworthy and reliable as well as entertaining.”

By Valerie Vidal