Banana Republic inspired by return of Mad Men

NEW YORK - Clothing store Banana Republic is launching a nationwide promotion inspired by AMC's ad agency drama 'Mad Men', which is about to start its third season.

The popularity of the 1960s attire worn by 'Mad Men' characters such as Don Draper and Joan Holloway has led the 500-store chain to create style guides and window displays based around the show.

A competition will offer prizes including a walk-on part in a future episode.

Jack Calhoun, president of the Gap-owned chain, told The New York Times: "We're looking for unique ways to engage with our customers and 'Mad Men' totally fits with our aesthetic."

Before season three starts on August 16, there is a promotional push from Lionsgate Entertainment for the launch of season two on DVD on July 14.

As part of the push media agency Initiative has developed a partnership with showbusiness trade journal Variety.

This takes the form of a 'Mad Men' sponsored online display of Variety issues from the early 1960s.