Berliner titles buck a downward trend

The Daily Telegraph has bounced back from months of sales declines to push its circulation back above 900,000.

Its January circulation was 917,043, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures. This was up 2.2 per cent month on month, but year on year The Telegraph's circulation is still in decline.

The Times also suffered a year-on-year decline, reversing a pattern of strong growth since its compact relaunch. However, its circulation of 685,081 was only 800 copies down on January 2005.

The Guardian's sale was up by nearly 5 per cent year on year to 394,913.

Its sister paper The Observer was the biggest success story, increasing circulation by 21 per cent year on year to 542,075 in the first month since its relaunch in the Berliner format.

Red-top sales continued to slide but the sales losses were less significant than in previous months. The Daily Mirror's sales were down by just 20,000 to 1,727,672, while The Sun's sale of 3,319,337 was down 1.9 per cent.

In the mid-market, the Daily Mail's sale was down by less than 1 per cent to 2,389,011. The Daily Express, despite heavy promotion, lost 100,000 sales year on year to record a circulation of 849,001.