Big Brother to evict a housemate as ratings bounce back

LONDON - Big Brother is to boot out a housemate after self-proclaimed political activist Kitten broke house rules for a third time in a row, as audiences for Channel 4's reality TV show rose last night to almost 5m.

Last night's instalment scored an average audience of 4.7m, peaking at 4.9m, up from the 4.4m who tuned in on Tuesday and 3.3m on Bank Holiday Monday. These compare well with the 3.5m who tuned in to ITV at the same time to watch 'Poor Little Rich Girl'. An hour earlier, 5.8m watched Gordon Ramsay swearing at celebrities in ITV's 'Hell's Kitchen'.

Wednesday's episode of 'Big Brother' was high on entertainment value, featuring ultra camp housemate Marco sobbing in the diary room after a run in with former asylum seeker Ahmed, as well as Dan rubbing self-tan lotion on bodybuilder Jay. A Channel 4 spokesperson said that some of the action had been trailed on the electronic programme guide, and that it would continue to do so.

The highlight of tonight's episode looks likely to be Big Brother's announcement that one of the housemates will be evicted after Kitten was issued with her third warning for breaking house rules.

Details of who will be evicted and when, as well as the impact on Friday's scheduled eviction are not yet available with Channel 4 saying more information should be know this afternoon.

In an attempt to clamp down on Kitten's rule-breaking ways, Big Brother devised the cunning ploy of threatening to evict any housemate should she persist in her deviance. But housemates were shocked when Emma, who is emerging as this year's dippy Jade Goody, was called to the diary room to read out the announcement.

The note read: "Big Brother is bored by housemates continuing to break Big Brother's rules ... The housemate chosen to be evicted and the time of this eviction will be entirely at Big Brother's discretion."

Kitten had originally tried to galvanise all the housemates into an uprising against Big Brother, but later told one of her fellow contestants that she was dropping her "socialist" tactics for "anarchy", after she decided that others did not want to be involved.

Her antics have not endeared her to the rest of the housemates, particularly Victor, who refused to listen when she said that the matter should be discussed.

The Brighton-based activist has been upbraided for crimes such as destroying house fixtures, refusing to wear her microphone and not going to the diary room when called, as well as climbing on the roof.

The Sun also reports today that Kitten's claims that she was a prostitute when she was 16 are untrue, with her father telling reporters: "The fact is she was at a private boarding school in Staffordshire until she was nearly 17."

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