Bing pushes 'social first' strategy with new campaign

Microsoft is shifting to a 'social first' marketing strategy for Bing, as it attempts to loosen Google's stranglehold on the UK search market.

Bing: new TV ad pushing 'social first' approach
Bing: new TV ad pushing 'social first' approach

It is launching a digital and TV campaign this week, which is intended to reposition Bing as a tool for making everyday life easier.

Following a social-media push earlier this year, in which Bing asked British consumers what they would ‘most like to do’, it selected an entrant whose dream was to climb a tree in the Amazon, and filmed it for the TV ad.

The campaign, created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, introduces the global strapline ‘Bing is for doing’ to the UK market.

Peter Maxmin, director of product marketing at Bing, said the drive aims to put the brand’s loyal customers at the heart of its marketing, rather than ‘preaching’ to them.

The activity comes ahead of the UK launch of Bing’s ‘social search engine’.