Brand Barometer: Nike's latest viral campaign reviewed

Brand Barometer: Nike's latest viral campaign reviewed

Social video expert Unruly evaluates the latest Nike viral campaign.


Lacks jaw-dropping tricks of previous ads

6 / 10

Nike Golf: No Cup Is Safe

With all the adrenaline, excitement and action of the average game of Scrabble, golf seems an unlikely sport to feature in a chart-topping online ad.

Luckily for Nike Golf, however, it has two of the game's most exciting players in its stable. Having signed current world number one Rory McIlroy to a $20m-a-year sponsorship deal, the sportswear and equipment brand sent him straight to work with its veteran spokesman, Tiger Woods.

The old dog and young pup take their places at a driving range and swap banter, teasing each other about age, inexperience and McIlroy's too-curly-to-be-natural hair, as they try to top each other with trick shots involving cups.

However, the clip lacks the jaw-dropping CGI-free tricks that Woods has delivered for Nike in previous ads. While this has received more than 8m views, it may well have slipped down the charts before the winter snow has melted from the fairway.

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Singers Conor Maynard, Rita Ora and Delilah have been signed up to support MasterCard's sponsorship of next month's Brit Awards.

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This ad aims to push Samsung's business credentials. After mocking Apple fans last year in its ads, the brand now turns its fire on BlackBerry, portraying its users as uncool and set in their ways.