Brand Manager of the Week: Jodie Wickers

Senior CRM manager, L'Oreal

- Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, bubbly and conscientious.

- What would you be if you weren't a brand manager?

Working in an elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

- What advice would you give someone starting their marketing career?

Without the people at the bottom, there would be no success for people at the top: remember that when you make it to the top.

- What attracted you to your current job?

The opportunity to work on brands I could relate to, the passion and drive of the people at L'Oreal and the chance to make a difference to its marketing.

- How did you get your first marketing job?

After scouring the ads in Marketing.

- What was your finest hour?

That pivotal meeting in each of my roles, when I've proved to the senior leadership team that CRM and data-driven marketing is an essential part of their strategy.

- What's your greatest ambition?

To make all marketers that I work with data-centric.

- If you were a brand, what would you be and why?

Google. It's successful, fun and just a little bit geeky.

- What is your all-time favourite slogan?

'Because you're worth it.'

- Do you have a marketing mentor?

I have many. Everyone I work with has something different to teach me.

- What makes you angry?

That people forget manners and how to smile when they're commuting.

- What is your favourite pub?

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham. I had my first job there, washing dishes, and the food is still amazing.

- What's your favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere that involves a safari.

- If you could get tickets to any event, what would it be?

Tickets to see Chelsea win a Champion's League Final.

- If you had three wishes, what would they be?

For all countries to be equal, that no animals would face extinction and for M&S Percy Pigs to be good for you.