The buzz: Cottonelle and Alan Brydon

The buzz: Cottonelle and Alan Brydon

Cottonelle, the Kimberly-Clark toilet-paper brand, wanted to make the most of interest around the Oscars. Undeterred by the less-than-enthusiastic response to its sister brand Andrex asking Brits if they ‘scrunch or fold’ in 2013, Cottonelle positioned itself as the partner of the red carpet – the toilet brand that allows A-listers to go commando with confidence.

The world is your red carpet. Strut your stuff with clean confidence. #GoCommando #Oscars2015

A toilet paper brand telling glamorous women it’s "confident" to #GoCommando is kind of gross. What did I miss in this campaign?

The @cottonelle #GoCommando campaign makes me want to vomit. Please people, keep your underwear on damnit!

Dear @cottonelle. This #GoCommando campaign might be misguided. Haven’t paparazzi taught us that #nounderwear often leads to many regrets?