C of E blasts 'drug salvation' claims of Scientologists

The Church of England (C of E) has condemned a poster campaign by

the Church of Scientology that claims 250,000 lives have been 'salvaged

from drugs' by Scientology.

The Birmingham Diocese's complaint to the Advertising Standards

Authority, declaring that the claims are unsubstantiated, is under


The posters, created in-house, appeared on billboards across Birmingham

and London in August to publicise a Scientology exhibition.

Arun Arora, communications director for the Bishop of Birmingham, said

the Church of Scientology could not prove adherence to its faith saved

lives from drugs.

But Scientology spokesman Graeme Wilson said the claims were based on

rehabilitation programmes run by the church and its affiliate charity,


The C of E is itself the subject of a complaint to the ASA this month.

The Christian Institute has objected to a poster campaign, aimed at

young people, that includes references to body piercing and drugs.