Cadbury Dairy Milk 'first taste, first love' by Publicis

Tugging at the heart strings with a love story spanning 30 years, the campaign is serenaded by the Dusty Springfield classic 'Take Another Little Piece of My Heart'. The first sequence, shot with a 1970s feel, opens on a school bus. A teenage schoolboy reaches out to a pretty girl in front of him and instantly brings a shy smile to her face by sharing some of his Cadbury Dairy Milk. As she eats it she falls in love for the first time. The following scenes cut from the young couple's first date to their wedding day and a family photography session with their new baby. This morphs into the same shot some years later with the baby now a teenage boy. The scene is brought up to date as the son re-enacts the moment his parents fell in love, offering a girl on a bus a little piece of his Cadbury Dairy Milk. His father, sitting in the row behind, knowingly tugs his son's ear.