Campaign study

Campaign: Here today, goo tomorrow
Client: Cadbury's Creme Egg
Agency: CMW Interactive

When Cadbury decided to update its Creme Egg advertising, it chose CMW Interactive to deliver the online element of the campaign with games, web 2.0 and social media.

Background: After using the 'How do you eat yours?' campaign for Creme Egg for some ten years, the confectionery manufacturer Cadbury decided on a new campaign creative for its Easter Creme Egg campaign, with the strapline: "Here today, goo tomorrow". Last year's online activity was based around a YouTube channel and a microsite, but this year the role of digital was enhanced to embrace more channels.

Aims: Cadbury wanted to drive deeper levels of engagement and positive word of mouth by creating an entertaining online experience. Ultimately, this would raise awareness and drive Creme Egg sales. Wherever possible, digital formats should be innovative and different to appeal to the target audience of 16 to 24 year olds.

Execution: The online campaign sat within the integrated "Here today, goo tomorrow" campaign delivered by Starcom. It included a microsite (, online and mobile games, rich-media advertising and ongoing viral initiatives.

A game on the microsite, Eggs and Ladders, was downloadable to mobile and, in what CMW bills as an FMCG first, the mobile game was advertised via a shortcode on the television ad.

Cadbury also harnessed web 2.0 applications to spread the campaign message. A viral game, entitled Room with a Goo was created, in which users had to stop eggs from being smashed, blended and splattered in order to win points. The game was promoted through social networking site Bebo and includes a viral mechanism to encourage players to forward it to their friends.

The activity on Bebo formed a large part of the programme. CMW created a profile page and developed a Creme Egg widget, which allowed users to interact with their friends' eggs in the style of Super-Poke applications on social networking sites.

Bebo members and their friends could destroy or rebuild each others' Creme Eggs by performing virtual activities, such as melting, squashing or kissing the eggs, which end up splattered or wrapped in bubble wrap accordingly.

Creme Eggs also featured in two episodes of Bebo's web drama series KateModern, with online advertising to support the Bebo activity including homepage takeovers on MSN, Yahoo and MTV, text links and rich media ads within MSN messenger, pre-rolls on and WAP banners on Vodafone live mobile.

CMW Interactive also worked with the creators of cult online characters Weebl & Bob to commission a microsite. The resulting Goovies site saw the egg-shaped cartoon figures feature in spoof Creme Egg-based movies, such as Goo-lien.

Results: In terms of overall campaign awareness, the campaign exceeded its objectives and interaction rates were higher than with previous campaigns. The Bebo profile for Creme Egg attracted nearly 20,000 friends. More than 8,000 people installed the Bebo application and more than double the target number of people downloaded the free mobile game.