Carling 'space' by Beattie McGuinness Bungay

One of the great science-fiction movies of all time -- 2001: A Space Odyssey -- has provided the inspiration for the second phase in Carling's "Belong" campaign.

The 60-second spot, created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, follows on from the agency's first TV ad for the brand last year -- the "Carling Starlings".

The ad features a group of friends on a spaceship in a distant galaxy about to enter a psychedelic star gate, not unlike the one that appears in the Kubrick movie, only to discover that one of the group is barred from entering for wearing trainers.

The ad ends by introducing the new strapline: "You know who your mates are". The ad will be followed by a second ad -- "explorer" -- in which the same group lead a British Polar expedition in the 19th century.

The CGI special effects in the ad were created by the Moving Picture Company, better known for creating the special effects in this year's British sci-fi movie 'Sunshine'.