Cash4Gold to make assault on primetime after signing up Goldie

LONDON - Cash4Gold is to buy up spots on major channels in primetime within the next three months for an ad featuring gold teeth owner and jungle music artist Goldie and US musician MC Hammer.

Goldie has been recruited by the US company, which claims to have invented the business of buying gold direct from consumers, as its UK celebrity spokesman following a public vote.

Euro RSCG will produce the ad, with which the company will ramp up its marketing presence having launched in the UK in July boasting it would become the UK's biggest direct response advertiser before the end of the year.

Jeff Aronson, chief executive of Cash4Gold, said the ad would be shot in the next 60 days and promised "something really spectacular" along the lines of the company's breakthrough US Super Bowl ad (see below), which he claims cost a million dollars to make though more likely this was the cost of buying the slot.

"There'll be 20 to 30 scripts that go through on this," he said, indicating the company would be expecting a lot of the agency creatives. "This will not be an easy thing. This will be a well-thought out, well-planned campaign."

Aronson, who refused to release the results of the public vote but claimed Goldie was "the overwhelming choice", said the company's relationship with the UK personality would be "long-lasting" and not just for one ad.

There will be an element of charity work for Goldie supporting the company's relationship with Feed The Children, and he has hopes of Cash4Gold supporting his own charitable projects.

"Something that's very close to my heart is trying to work on financing a youth club," he said. "The great thing about working with these guys is it's very flexible to whatever the artist is doing at that time."

Cash4Gold also revealed that MC Hammer, who has been its US face for two years, has been given equity in the company.