Castlemaine XXXX 'sherry' by Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi was famous for pushing the bounds of acceptability and the innuendo of the Castlemaine.

The XXXX series of ads (Australians wouldn’t give a Castlemaine XXX for anything else) was an outstanding example of it.

In the much-lauded sherry spot the agency typically threw caution to the wind by having fun at the expense of the stereotypical Aussie.

The hilarious storyline centres on a group of sheep shearers loading their clapped-out truck with cans of XXXX for an outing.

When two bottles of sweet sherry are added for the ladies the truck’s suspension collapses. "Looks like we’ve overdone it with the sherry," is the deadpan comment from one of the party.

This ad was taken from the Arrows Archive. The archive, administered by the History of Advertising Trust, is composed of all ads nominated for the British Television Advertising Awards since 1977.