Channel 4 worried that Kitten could wreck Big Brother 5

LONDON - 'Big Brother' bosses are worried that rebel housemate Kitten, who has already been given two warnings, could wreck this year's show by inciting housemates to revolt against the rules as ratings picked up to hit 4.4m last night.

To bring lesbian activist Kitten back into line, Big Brother has warned housemates that one of them could be evicted if Kitten continues to break the rules.

The antics are helping to push ratings for this year's show higher. Last night 'Big Brother' hit a peak of 4.4m and an average of 4.2m after a dip over the bank holiday weekend.

'Big Brother' kicked off on Friday with 6.7m viewers tuning in before dropping back over the weekend to 3.4m on Saturday and 3.3m on Bank Holiday Monday, which saw it easily beaten in the ratings by ITV's reality TV rival 'Hell's Kitchen', watched by 7.8m.

However, 'Big Brother' is already doing better than last year's show with rebellious behaviour and sexy antics proving a bigger attraction than last year's big bore.

Kitten, who made a stormy entrance into the show has been given two formal warnings for rule breaking. Kitten, 24, received one warning for smuggling a garden statue into the house and a second for trying to pick the lock on the alcohol fridge. She further angered Big Brother by ignoring Diary Room summons and climbing on the roof.

However, in a last-ditch effort to bring her into line, Big Brother yesterday told her fellow housemates that one of them could be evicted from the house at a moment's notice unless Kitten is brought to heel.

Big Brother told the housemates that the person chosen to go would be at Big Brother's discretion. The housemates got the news in a memo from Big Brother.

Uncharacteristically, Kitten took the news calmly. "This is very clever. Now they're putting pressure on the whole group... and a hell of a lot more pressure on me to behave myself," she said.

After discussing the situation with Big Brother, Kitten returned to tell housemates that they would "need to come up with a plan to keep me in order".

Channel 4 is worried that if Kitten is not brought back into line its plans could be ruined when it moves two contestants to a secret bedsit on Friday, after housemates evict one person who will then pick another to go with them.

An insider at Channel 4 told the Daily Mirror that there was real concern about Kitten: "She's becoming so militant and the rest are starting to follow suit. Officially, bosses are putting on a brave face, saying they can handle her and she's no match for evil Big Brother. Secretly, they're concerned she'll really screw things up."

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