Close Up: 24 hours with ... Russ Lidstone

Name: Russ Lidstone
Job: Chief strategy officer, Euro RSCG London
Professional mission: To be proud of what we do and have a laugh doing
Personal mantra: Eat more ice-cream and fewer beans

3.17am Wake to find a horse breaking into the bedroom. I scare him away with some loud "hyaaahh" noises learnt from childhood Sunday afternoons in front of High Chaparral.

3.27am Go back to bed. My side of the airbed has a slow puncture and unless I hold on to my wife's hair I roll out of bed on to the floor. Sleep on the floor.

4.12am Woken by my son, who needs the toilet. Walk half a mile through pouring rain in shorts and a T-shirt to the "David Bellamy Award-winning (1987)" toilet block.

4.24am Walk back to the tent through pouring rain. Remove wet clothes. Lie on the floor where my side of the airbed used to be.

6.30am Record rainfall has fallen overnight in the New Forest and our tent is aquaplaning towards Brockenhurst. I re-insert tent pegs firmly into the mud. Get soaked in torrential rain.

8.30am Harry Potter Top Trumps. I was invincible at Top Trumps as a kid so beating my young son should be easy.

9.37am After a marathon effort Harvey takes Voldemort with a high Dumbledore "courage" score. I let him win - he's only young ...

10.00am Bacon and eggs. Rain holds off long enough to eat outside. You can't beat a British camping holiday - food tastes better in the open air.

1.40pm An hour away from camp on a bike ride, it pisses down. Back to the tent, bedraggled and irritable.

3.40pm Doggy Top Trumps against daughter Ella. I lose when her retriever's "faithfulness" score beats my terrier. I let her win really.

4.45pm Watch as a new camping neighbour pulls up with a large caravan called "Marauder". Barry from Bromsgrove proudly tells me he has all he needs in his van.

6.45pm Beer(s) at local pub. They clearly hate holidaymakers and charge extortionate prices for scampi and chips. I thought it was cheaper to holiday in the UK ...?

9.00pm Walk home in pissing rain.

10.30pm Strain my eyes by trying to read my book with a torch. Fall asleep in the chair.

2.08am Wake up in the chair to the sound of Barry showing Mrs Barry the full capabilities of his Marauder. Villa in the South of France next year.