Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Tim Irwin

Name: Tim Irwin Job: Joint managing director, BJK&E Professional mission: To be is to do Personal mantra: Do be do be do

1.00am-6.00am Awoken at regular intervals by overactive three-year-old and tearful ten-month-old. Pretend to be asleep so that wife will do the consoling. Forget that wife is far better at this game than me.

6.50am Up, shower, out.

7.30am 38 bus, one of the bendy variety. Am now a convert to this format. Comfortable and warm and without the obligatory all-singing, all-dancing conductor. Call me bah humbug if you like, but The Guardian is a far better read when not accompanied by Transport for London's resident variety performer.

8.00am At desk. Best time of the day. Write my day list - things I must do today, things I'd like to do today. Look at my other list - things that need doing over the coming weeks. Important things, lists.

8.15am Go through e-mails, reply to invites, delete spam, scan key websites -,,,

9.00am Catch up with joint MD James Jennings. Discuss difficult client issue, new Group M structure, graduate recruitment, IPA Effectiveness Awards and Charlie Hodgson vs Jonny Wilkinson.

9.30am Meeting with Oakley. Fab client, wants to do great work. Present comms planning strategy for 2006. They buy most of it. A good meeting.

11.00am-4.00pm Over to Mediaedge:cia for a gathering of European media agencies. Feels a bit like an episode of Mind Your Language. Charismatic Italians, precise Swiss, quirky Dutch. National stereotypes are alive and well. Can't help wondering what they think of us.

4.30pm Back in the office for first-quarter reforecasting meeting with our finance people.

6.30pm Check day lists. Have ticked the "must do's" but not all the "like to do's".

6.45pm 38 bus. More in the mood for a bit of urban entertainment now and enjoy the antics of some of my more eccentric fellow travellers.

7.15pm Home and bed-time story for three-year-old. It's about a giant who keeps losing all his clothes. It's no wonder she sleeps badly.

8.00-11.00pm Talk, eat, finish reading The Guardian, watch TV. Have tried to limit my nights out with clients, colleagues or mates to one a week now. Otherwise the 1.00am till 6.00am shift would become purgatory.