Close-Up: My YouTube ad of the week - Hi-Tec

Brand: Hi-Tec.

Task: Introduce Hi-Tec's range of "hydrophobic" footwear.

Execution: The video is a spoof documentary that the sportswear company Hi-Tec initially denied any connection to. It features a group of friends who demonstrate the rise of a new sporting phenomenon, Liquid Mountaineering or "walking on water". This is made possible through the realisation that their Hi-Tec water-repelling shoes help them to stay afloat while they run.

Credit: CCCP (Amsterdam).

Why I like this: It is a brilliant example of how to integrate a viral video into a wider campaign. There's a big campaign idea at the heart of this video, linked perfectly to the product's USP, and delivered in a way that is consistent with reality. YouTube connects communities around content, so it's the natural place for bogus sport fanatics to share their love of a new sport. And the subtle Hi-Tec branding within the video is so natural that it enhances the content.

Liquid Mountaineering is now in the top 100 favourite all-time viewed global sports clips on YouTube, with more than six million views so far.

Wish I'd thought of: All the additional activities that can be sprung from the success of this one video. Hi-Tec has developed a blog relating to the global art of "walking on water" and pushed out additional content, such as a "making of" video. It is even listing its shoes as "Liquid Mountaineering approved" on its website. And the door is left open to do so much more, too. Let's hear it for the Liquid Mountaineering world championships!