CNN tops European news channels according to EMS

LONDON - Results from the 2006 European Media & Marketing Survey show that CNN International is the leading international news channel in terms of viewer reach, with BBC World claiming the fastest-rising weekly audience growth.

The EMS findings, which measure the viewing habits and attitudes of the top 20% highest earning people in Europe, also found EuroNews to have the largest reach in the top five European markets.

CNN International retains its number one position for audience reach on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with 5.2%, 19.2% and 35.2% respectively.

Its closest rival, EuroNews, claims a weekly audience share of 4.9%, followed by 17,9% for weekly and 30% for monthly global audience ratings. BBC World was in third place with a daily audience share of 2.7%, 11.9% for weekly, and 24.4% for monthly.

Although EuroNews trails CNN International globally, it is the number one channel in the five key markets of the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, with a year-on-year growth of 5% to 5.35m.

The figure exceeds CNN International's reach in the five leading markets combined, beating CNN International's 5.02m and Sky News on 4.69m.

BBC World claims the fastest weekly audience growth, with 16.2% tuning in each week, marking a rise of 3% year on year. The channel also reports that its weekly audience percentage across all markets has more than doubled since 2001.

The channel also announced a weekly audience of 660,000 in Poland, making it the country's largest news channel.

Jonathan Davies, senior vice-president of CNN International ad sales, said: "We now have more than 50% of the EMS audience across our television and web offering.

"The channel has seen significant growth over the past three to four years, and substantial growth in clients advertising across our multimedia platform offering."

Davies added he was certain that CNN International had not been a "victim of world events on the advertising market".

Jonathan Howlett, director of airtime sales at BBC World, said: "The EMS has tracked BBC World's consistent growth for more than 10 years.

"Our audiences continue to tune in for our unmatched, impartial, in-depth analysis of breaking news and events of global importance, and our growth has been continuous since 1995."

The results also found BBC World to be the most influential channel among Western Europe's business elite, with 18% of its weekly viewers recognised as being "influential opinion leaders."

CNN International remains the number one business news channel for Europe as a whole, reaching 72.1% of financial managers and senior executives, compared with BBC World's 56.5% and EuroNews' 39.3%.

The EMS results, which began in 1995, measure the consumer habits of the top 20% of households by income in 16 European countries, representing nearly 40m Europeans. The combined total of the five key markets of the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy represent roughly 80% of the EMS survey's 30.6m individuals.

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