Comparethemarket unveils 'Battle of Fearlessness' meerkat ad

LONDON - has launched the latest ad in the series, in an effort to leverage the fame of its star meerkat characters.

The TV ad, called 'Battle of Fearlessness' and created by VCCP, recalls a fiery battle between the meerkats and their arch enemies, the mongooses.  

It features meerkat Alexsander Olrov telling the story of how his Great Grandaddy Vitali was forced to lead his army of meerkats into war with a rival mongoose tribe.

The battle lasted through the night, until eventually "all the mongooses ran away".

Vitali was awarded the "purple claw" for his efforts, which Alexsandr complains that he did not receive "just so he could find people a cheap deal on their car insurance".

The ad follows on from the 'Journey of Courageousness' spot that was launched earlier this year, which saw Aleksandr venture outside of his stately home for the first time.

Aleksandr has gained 750,000 friends on Facebook since being introduced in January 2009, and also has 33,000 followers on Twitter.'s parent company BGL recently indicated that it is preparing to expand its meerkat branding, with the introduction of a range of branded merchandise including toiletries, video games and household utensils.