Competition Commission delays Kangaroo investigation

LONDON - The Competition Commission has pushed back until next year the closing deadline for its investigation into Kangaroo, the planned joint VoD service from ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Worldwide.

On 31 July, the Commission gave interested parties six days to provide more information about the planned service. It has been necessary to extend the deadline because the Commission has not received relevant details from the parties.

The Commission today published a statement that sets out the areas it is investigating. It aims to find out if the planned Kangaroo service will cause competition issues in the online video market.

It also wants to determine the impact of Kangaroo on ad rates, pricing and range of content, plus innovation of products.

The Commission will look at four distinct markets: retail supply of video-on-demand services, wholesale supply of VoD services, the acquisition of VoD content rights and advertising.

Though the regulator's analysis will focus on the UK situation, it has said it will acknowledge that the relevant geographical market may be wider.