Google app: products and partnerships just keep getting cleverer
Google app: products and partnerships just keep getting cleverer
A view from Simon S Kershaw

CREATIVE STRATEGY: Google's new campaign? 'Ah lahk-i allot'

Word-nerd. Bibliophile. Dictionary-reader. You'd expect a copywriter to love their language. And therefore, a campaign hanging on the playful use of English would appeal. And it does. But I suspect that I'm not the only one.

Just as I’m not the only one who likes Google the brand and Google products. First, the brand.

How much by accident or how much by design, I don’t know, but in keeping with their first big idea – the democratisation of search –  the Google brand comes across as intelligent but friendly, even charming.

One hardly need add that all this is in stark contrast to Microsoft, whose latest campaign, for Windows Internet Explorer 9, "full-on gorgeous", again has neither brains nor heart.

As for Google’s products and its partnerships with other tech guys, they just get cleverer and cleverer. Now we have this – The Google mobile app.

Now, instead of typing instructions for a search, you just say it into your phone. Genius. Of course, Google being Google, if you’re in SW19 looking for a cinema in Wimbledon, it will just give you results for that suburb.

Such a great product deserves some half-decent advertising. And Google doesn’t disappoint. I first noticed the ads on a platform at Vauxhall Station. The 48-sheet is mostly white space with the cheerful Google logo. And a headline "vok-sorl res-tronts".

Dead simple. Dead sweet. Tells me all I need to know. With a smile. On another journey, I came across a double tube card panel execution. On the left, the phonetic spelling of "gourmet restaurants", on the right, "engagement rings"  :-)

What’s not to like? Well, as a professional pedant and the reviewer who’ll happily give poor communications a good kicking, I have nothing to add. Except I hope that, after a bit of voice-activated Googling, the agency took the client for a good lunch somewhere to celebrate their joint achievement. Cheers.

Simon S Kershaw is a creative consultant and a former creative director at Craik Jones.