Thwaites: brewer's campaign invokes the beauty of the Lakes
Thwaites: brewer's campaign invokes the beauty of the Lakes
A view from Simon S Kershaw

CREATIVE STRATEGY: Thwaites walks the walk with Wainwright ale ads

A long, bracing walk through the English countryside. Always a pleasure. A long, refreshing draught of thoroughly English ale. Always a pleasure, too.

Put these two simple pastimes together and you have a form of bliss.

Just my opinion, of course. But in an ever-more complex, fast-moving, digitally-driven world, I can’t be the only one who often hankers for rural isolation and the quietly civilising ambience of the country pub.

What if you could put it all in a bottle?  

Well, it seems that Blackburn-based brewer Thwaites has done just that with their ale Wainwright.

This fine thirst-quencher is described on the Thwaites website as, "Exquisitely lovely golden ale. Named after Alfred Wainwright, the renowned Lakeland author who was born in Blackburn, Wainwright is a refreshing golden ale with subtle sweetness and delicate citrus fruity overtones."

In bottle form, Wainwright has already proved popular. And not just with the beardy, bellied types. Women and men of discernment are regularly adding the bright golden brew to their weekly shop. 

As this product deserves to be even more popular, Thwaites has commissioned its first proper above-the-line advertising for Wainwright ale. And what a delicious campaign. 

Central to the idea is the headline which runs across press and posters, A BREATH OF FRESH ALE. Truly descriptive as well as puntastic.

But the soul of the ads has to be the series of beautifully illustrated Lakeland scenes, stylistically based on the black-and-white drawings in Alfred Wainwright’s guide books for fellwalkers. And as a final twist, the press ads each have a little visual/verbal gag to emphasise the get-away-from-it-all spirit of the brand.

As someone who grew up in Alfred Wainwright’s home town and loves the Lakes, Thwaites’ new ad campaign is a tasty reminder of where to put my beer money.

Simon S Kershaw is a creative consultant and a former creative director at Craik Jones