Crowne Plaza 'rules' by Fallon Minneapolis

Each spot in this series for Crowne Plaza marries the hotel chain as "The Place to Meet". It uses the special opinions of golf personalities, showcasing entertaining dialogue among some of the sport's most unique personalities, in a Crowne Plaza setting. The goal is to entertain Crowne's core target, who are golf lovers, and bring to life the hotel's meeting room experience in a bold, new way.

The campaign features national golf commentator/journalist David Feherty attempting to moderate an entirely unscripted conversation among TV personality and golf fanatic George Lopez; shock-rocker and avid golfer Alice Cooper; golf-great Lee Trevino; LPGA star Natalie Gulbis; and outspoken golf scribe Dan Jenkins.

In a series of six 30-second spots these golf professionals and aficionados, who share a love for the game, impart insights and witticisms on golf-related topics -- ranging from game secrets, superstitions and changes to the rules, to playing golf with spouses and banning "belly putters".