Dave Stewart's creative highlight of 2013: Southern Comfort's 'Whatever's Comfortable'

"I love this message because it makes people feel good about themselves. We all have so much pressure to look right, act right and be righteous, but we just don't look right and can't be righteous all of the time."

Dave Stewart: now creative marketing director, Talenthouse
Dave Stewart: now creative marketing director, Talenthouse

"It says: 'Fuck it. I am who I am.' (This usually gets you through life a lot eas ier than trying to be who you're not.)"

Southern Comfort: "Shampoo"


People who embody "being comfortable in themselves" are championed by Southern Comfort in the "Whatever's comfortable" campaign, which kicked off with a rotund, mustachioed man walking down a beach in Speedos.

This follow-up is set to Lou Johnson's The Beat and shows a man wearing snakeskin boots relaxing and having his hair washed at a local beauty salon.


Agency: Wieden & Kennedy New York.

Creatives: Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone.