David Ogilvy's Wit and Wisdom

Campaign celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 'father of advertising', David Ogilvy, with a selection of his wisest and wittiest observations.

Never write an advertisement that you wouldn't want your own family to read.

We pursue knowledge the way a pig pursues truffles.

If you hire people who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants.

Encourage innovation. Change is our lifeblood, stagnation is our death knell.

We prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance.

Tolerate genius.

Unless your advertising is built on a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

Get rid of sad dogs who spread gloom.

I believe in the Scottish proverb: Hard work never killed a man. Men die of boredom. They do not die of hard work.

You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.

The relationship between a manufacturer and his advertising agency is almost as intimate as the relationship between a patient and his doctor. Make sure you can live happily with your prospective client before you accept his account.

No manufacturer ever got rich by underpaying his agency. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.

Hire the kind of people clients don't have and wouldn't dream of having.

If you tell lies about a product, you will be found out - either by the Government, which will prosecute you, or by the consumer, who will punish you by not buying your product a second time.

Do not summon people to your office. It frightens them. Instead, go to see them in their offices.

You aren't advertising to a standing army; you are advertising to a moving parade.

I despise toadies who suck up to their bosses; they are generally the same people who bully their subordinates.

I admire people with gentle manners who treat other people as human beings.

Look for people who aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.

The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her.