Department of Health anti-smoking ad features 'Oliver' musical theme

LONDON - The Department of Health has rolled out an ad campaign set to the song 'I'd do anything' from the musical Oliver to target smokers who want to give-up in the New Year.

The home-video style TV ad, created by MCBD, breaks today (26 December).

It features real children from across the country singing lines from the song in various locations, including their own houses and schools, to illustrate that they would ‘do anything' to stop their parents smoking.

The TV activity is part of a new free Quit Kit created by the NHS.

The kit includes a free mp3 download of techniques to help manage cravings, a toothbrush to help quitters improve their dental hygiene and remind them of the benefits of fresher breath and an A3 "Quit plan" wall chart so that quitters can mark their progress over 28 days.

New research from the NHS shows that almost half of smokers (44%) in England have resolved to quit this New Year.