Diary: Adland's finest rub shoulders at the 2006 A List party

There was just one bash worth being at last Wednesday evening. If you were invited through the door, many congratulations. If you were not, Diary hopes you had enough Kleenex to cope.

We are referring, of course, to Campaign's 2006 A List party at The Arts Club in Mayfair. And what a thumping good evening it proved to be, as A Listers enjoyed hospitality provided by Barclays' Media Team before heading off clutching copies of the black book, sponsored by Stolkin + Partners.

Alan Bishop, the COI chief executive, was a bit miffed about his entry suggesting his three years as a civil servant had lost him his "party boy" reputation. "I shall be seeking to correct this misconception right away," he vowed. "Starting tonight."

Click here to see some photos from the night