Diary: Creatives go downmarket for a Pencil

It's not often you see a photo of John Hegarty skulking round a market stall and feeling up an aubergine, but that's what landed on Diary's desk this week, to the amusement of reporters.

Then came a number of similar shots depicting some of the industry's top creatives, from Rosie Arnold and Tiger Savage to Mark Roalfe, all hanging around a market. But closer inspection revealed a connection between them - each shot includes a D&AD Pencil.

It then became evident that the photos are part of a slightly laboured PR stunt by the organisation to promote its awards.

The idea behind it is that all creatives, no matter how famous, still want to pick up D&AD Pencils, even if it means buying them on the black market.

Diary also hears that on the day of the shoot, the creatives were supposed to buy the Pencils from the stall holders, but being so immensely rich, they don't carry cash, so it was up to a PR woman to provide them with the dosh.