Diary: Digital shows it still has a fair bit of growing up to do

Last week's Campaign Digital Awards not only showcased the best creative work from the industry, and some of the most outlandish suits, but also proved just how infantile and obsessed by penises the young industry can be.

The integrated agency Crayon decided to see what people were thinking about on the night by leaving crayons and sheets of paper in the toilets, inviting anyone who had relieved themselves of the contents of their bladder to do the same with the contents of their mind.

However, once all of the pieces of paper were collected, it became clear there was one overriding thing on everyone's mind: cocks.

On almost every page there was either a picture of, or a reference to, a cock. Generally used as an insult.

Diary also wants to know the identity of someone known as Hirsty. The name turns up on numerous occasions on papers from both the ladies' and men's toilets, generally in reference to, you guessed it, cocks.

However, it wasn't all back-biting and cocks. One touching image showed a big love heart with the words "I love Mark Cridge" scribbled in the centre.

It is believed that this was drawn by Martin Brooks as a response to a picture that Cridge drew of the Digital Achiever of the Year.