Diary: Durden cannot escape his Big Brother 8 past

Like the rest of us, Jonathan Durden is having some difficulty putting his Big Brother days behind him.

After his rather flatulent appearance on the television show last summer, he's now hurling himself in the direction of the literary world with his new novel, entitled Essex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll.

Jane Austen territory this is not. It's about a wealthy, middle-aged man with family problems, who explores the darker side of life.

Diary anticipates those distinctly Durdenesque themes of cocaine- snorting and prostitution will crop up between the covers. All the ingredients of a sure-fire hit, then.

Except, his publishers are insisting that Durden's Big Brother appearance is his major selling-point, and, much to the media tycoon's horror, they are insisting that the cover of the book is revised so that it carries the immortal words "by Big Brother 8 contestant Jonathan Durden".

Copies of the book are available to pre-order on Amazon.co.uk.