Diary: Facebook networking isn't limited to the web

So you thought adland's addiction to social networking had peaked and September was the month to get down to some real work? Wrong. Last night saw yet another Facebook first.

Since its inception earlier this year by Ogilvy Advertising's Nick Fell, the group "Don't tell my mum I work in advertising - she thinks I play piano in a brothel" has become an online phenomenon, boasting more than 2,781 members.

Yet clearly not content with prodding and poking in the digital space, Ogilvy decided to inflict carnage on the Slug & Lettuce in Wardour Street by opening its doors to every member of the group for a spontaneous drinks party. Ogilvy's vice-chairman, Rory Sutherland, spoke at the event, which included drinks, films and - being free of charge - the inevitable bunch of freeloaders. The exact turnout figures are not yet in, but Diary understands this was a pretty popular affair, especially by Ogilvy's standards.

Which all begs the question, what on earth next? Diary is already getting reports that more than 25 appreciation groups for Fallon's Dairy Milk ad have sprouted up in the past few weeks. And the wider question: just how many more column inches can Diary keep devoting to adland's futile Facebook shenanigans? Many, it seems.