Diary: A 'heavyweight' hiring

His boxing days may now be a distant memory, but there's no denying that Chris Eubank can still cause a stir wherever he goes.

So imagine the surprise when the former pugilist, Celebrity Big Brother contestant and occasional anti-war protester turned up in TBWA\London's reception area last week.

It transpires that Eubank was simply passing by when he recalled spending some time in the building a few years ago after striking up a friendship with the former TBWA creative head Trevor Beattie, and fancied having another look around the place.

After being reminded that Beattie had in fact left the agency more than five years ago, Eubank allegedly did what all good boxing heroes would do - ask the receptionist for her phone number.

Undeterred by a polite rejection, Eubank then switched his attention to other matters, asking somewhat bafflingly: "Oh well, can I please use your internet, then?" Agency spies have confirmed that he simply logged on to check his bank balance before signing off and heading on his way. Just a usual day in the life of Eubank, then.