Diary: Kellogg wants reprieve from South Kilburn FM

Disturbing news reaches the Diary from Kilburn. Toby Kellogg has been given his P45.

To those who aren't regular listeners of South Kilburn FM, it should be explained that Toby Kellogg, the presenter of the station's Late Breakfast Show, is actually the ex-JWT creative Richard Phillips.

For the past 18 months, he has played host to the likes of Boris Johnson and Tony Benn. However, station bosses want a more "urban" output and have pulled the plug. But not before he had attempted to get his adoring public to deluge the station with their protests.

"In the case of e-mails, phone calls or letters, something along the lines of 'the man is a genius, my life would be worthless without his show' would be perfectly acceptable," Kellogg suggested.

Alas, his appeals to "Save the Queens Park One" have met with radio silence.