Diary: Lidstone's street cred is Ushered out Roka's door

Last week, many of adland's hip hop aficionados were looking at Russ Lidstone with envy after the Euro RSCG planner revealed he had sat in Roka next to Jay-Z.

However, after a Campaign journalist had some embarrassing information passed to them, Lidstone may not feel quite so good about his brush with hip hop royalty. That is because we at Diary have been reliably informed that it was not actually Jay-Z who was sitting at the table next to Lidstone, but the R&B star Usher.

Not only do the two work in different musical genres, they also look absolutely nothing alike, as our pics clearly show.

As well as the facial dissimilarities, Jay-Z, the self-professed first CEO of hip hop, is a muscular man, topping 6' 3", while the diamond-sporting Usher, aka Big Ush or Big Time, is a trim athletic figure who is no taller than 5' 8".

Diary is not trying to say Lidstone should know everything about the birth of hip hop, from the Sugar Hill Gang to the present day. But surely the person responsible for the strategic direction of one of London's biggest agencies (who, after all, make a lot of money from tapping into the zeitgeist), should have a better grasp on popular culture to be able to tell two of the world's biggest musical stars apart.