Diary: Redford subverts dress code at Accenture bash

If you work at Accenture, it seems wearing anything but a suit is, well, a little uncomfortable.

Last week Accenture Marketing Services organised a dinner at Mosimann's with Robert Redford as the guest speaker.

The room was packed with top-level marketers and agency folk all keen to hear the views of the Hollywood superstar (as well as assess for themselves whether or not he's had plastic surgery).

But dress code proved a little problematic, as a worried e-mail sent to guests just 24 hours before the event indicated.

Accenture suggested "business casual" or even "jeans and a nice shirt!!!". After all, the Sundance Kid isn't known for his devotion to Savile Row.

Needless to say attendees were more confused than ever, some going home before dinner to iron their chinos and brush down their suede jackets.

But it was worth it: Redford was an engaging speaker, comfortable enough to disclose his dislike for the US government and plans for a new film with Paul Newman.