Diary: Ruby and TRBR mark their 'big day' in style

When, after much contemplation, The Red Brick Road came up with the inspired name The Red Brick Road after its merger with sister agency Ruby, there was only one way to celebrate. Yep, a not-soroyal wedding. With no female partners at Ruby, the "wedding" was more of a "civil partnership". With Ruby taking on The Red Brick Road name, it was only right that the founder, David Miller, took on the role of "bride" for the day, leaving TRBR's managing partner, David Hammersley, as the "groom". In case that wasn't weird enough, the agency's creative director and founding partner, Sam Cartmell, was the "celebrant", resplendent in a red Cardinal's robe. The no-expense-spared shindig took place at Selsdon Park Hotel, with all staff in attendance. The do included speeches, wedding cake and band with not a Tesco sandwich in sight.