Diary: Saatchi party brings political rivals together

In what Maurice Saatchi described on the night as the most unlikely coalition since the current Government, the two warring Saatchi tribes downed spears and raised glasses to toast their 40th at the Saatchi Gallery last week.

The Tory old guard, still led from the front by a wheelchair-bound Maggie Thatcher, turned out in force, including John Major, Norman Lamont and Iain Duncan-Smith. But Labour, not to be outdone, sent in its prince of darkness, Peter Mandelson, and king of spin, Alistair Campbell. Gordon Brown was a no-show and wins the prize for giving the least credible excuse since "the dog ate my homework". The former PM said he hired a new PA and still had a backlog of mail, and so hadn't got round to opening his invitation (even though they'd been sent out three months in advance). The elusive Charles Saatchi surprised everyone by actually showing up. Diary hears Charles, displaying the sort of business acumen that made the agency, charged Saatchis around £20,000 to hire his gallery for the evening. He also banned people from dancing, in case anyone damaged the precious imported wood on the floor. Celebs including Bob Geldof, Nicky Haslam, The Wire star Dominic West (who was asked by one confused partygoer if he worked at M&C), Ian Wright and Tom Conti mingled with assembled adlanders, and the occasional naked lady, at what proved a truly historic bash.