Diary: Setanta Sports sees the perils of pimping its ride

A stretched limo, Cristal and a bevvy of beautiful women might be standard fare if you're 50 Cent, but it's hardly what you would expect from your average media sales guy. At least, not since the mid-80s.

No standard sales pitch for the Irish sports broadcaster Setanta, though. It decided to pimp its ride, taking to the streets of London in a stretched Hummer, complete with promo girls and bottles of bubbly.

The wheeze is understood to be the brainchild of Setanta's UK sales director, Mark Taylor, who clearly took his lead from Choice FM, GCap's hip hop and R&B station, which rolled out the Hummer-and-bubbly combo last year when it launched.

Taylor of the ids sales team, and the beauties have been treating media agencies to a spin in an attempt to promote Setanta's Premiership broadcasts by recreating a footballer's night out.

And all the bling in the world can't disguise how impractical a stretched Hummer in London is. Just ask Carat staff, who had to walk up the street from their offices because the Hummer couldn't fit.