Diary: Superpowers revealed

As if anyone was ever in doubt. McCann London has got talent. There was a skilled bunch at "Untapped", a shindig at the agency last week to celebrate the hidden superpowers of McCannites.

McCannites...Jess Marrin
McCannites...Jess Marrin

One staffer, Jess Marrin, a dab hand at prosthetics, showed off her talents by applying gory make-up to her colleagues. As well as budding film-makers, DJs and the like, Emma Newman-Young sang opera, Mercedes Vancootan sang Cee Lo Green's Fuck You very well, while Dave Bartley strummed the guitar. Diary is unsure how useful any of these skills could be when dealing with the stress of servicing clients - apart from being able to warble Fuck You, that is.